Are Customers Not Reaching Out To You?

Imagine if someone walks up to you, asking if you recognize a particular person by showing you a picture. Wouldn’t you be able to easily tell if you know the person or not? The picture made it easy for you.

The situation is the same with your business. Customers can reach out when they can recognise you. How can customers recognise your brand?If they can’t recognise your brand, it could most definitely be because they couldn’t find any means of identification for it.

In other words; YOUR BRAND HAS AN IDENTITY PROBLEM. And your problem can be caused by any of the following:You don’t have a memorable brand name that people remember easily.The Visual Identity System of your brand is not effective or even non-existent.You have a poorly developed corporate identity that doesn’t represent your brand well.Your Audience don’t understand what your message really is.

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