Chief (Elder) Oyebode Oyewole: A Year After You Left, We Remember You

It was your threnody we sang for days on the hills at the bank of the river of no return as you were ferried across to the land of the saints. Your legacy stayed behind you as we watched you go to the world beyond; we were forlorn on our toes, our voices sad in woe. For days we wailed and for months, we jeremiad and sighed wishing you were back from your ride to eternity. Today, July 13, 2021 is a year of our waiting knowing that you will never come back to us but we shall continue to sing your requiem and pray that you regale in bliss where you are.

Today, I chant your name in a memorial of thanksgiving my big brother and senior in school Chief Oyèébọ̀dé Oyèéwọlé, Founder of Christ’s School Ado Ekiti Old Students platform and my predecessor as its Chief Administrator. I sing your ode with the audacity of a kindred and call your name in tribute with the voice of the living. I beckon to the heavens to remain peaceful at your stead. You are now with saints and live triumphant over death in eternity. For a life well-lived, the West honours you with the rise of the sun, the East venerates you with the setting of its power; the North bows for you with the beauty of the Horison as the earth touches the sky, while the south is in awe of you as valleys shudder for the glory of the Hills. Indeed in honour of you, Christ’s School, Adό Èkìtì and all its extensions order in the name of Christ, the abyss to stay quiet in peace like a new baby asleep in its cradle. 

You have crossed the seven hills that mark your departure from this firmament and have crossed the river of indigo with its colour of love. You now bless the throne of the Messiah, live with angels and sing with saints in a world that never ends. Your spirit is transcended beyond this sphere, your values stay beautiful amongst us as your agenda remains the same to celebrate your Alma Mater and turn the world round to make it a better place just as you did. You held strong in your lifetime; yours was a life of grace. Thus with a homily of love, I sing your song on this platform in your first memorial amongst the noble alumni of your Alma Mater. Christ’s School Adό Èkìtì blesses your spirit from Àgìdímọ̀ Hills; its alumni celebrate you across the globe; your mates bask in pride for you and this Facebook portal honours you for being its founder. We appreciate the legacy you left behind. 

Outside the regime of Àgìdímọ̀ heights, you were a pure Yorùbá son, an Ọmọlúwàbí to the core and remain a name on everybody’s tongue. You were a man of passion, Ọkọ-ọ̀wọ́-baálẹ̀, Ìtu Tábà and Balògun Ìkọ́làbà, Ìbàdàn. Indeed like a true son of your city, you were a testimony that Ìjà ìgboro lààrùn Ìbàdàn for you were forever at the epicentre of social and welfare wars. You belonged to the noble cops of journalism, the profession of street fighters where pens are their guns, newspapers belong to the infantry, radios, televisions and internets are the armored divisions and everywhere is the battleground. In the media houses, your pen talked with the voice of tornado. You wrote and whales craved to read newspapers under the sea while elephants looked for radio to listen to your voice in the wild. You walked, the world walked, you shook, the sea shook. You fought for the course of the poor, challenged for the lowly and was counted for justice everywhere you were. Oh yes, Bọ̀dé Oyèéwọlé, you caused ripples that make the tsunami a child’s play to the guilty and with your exploits, you were the Ògìdímọ̀làjà that does not know himself, has not met himself and cannot understand himself. 

You shone like the Star of David and now your children walk the street shoulders high that they had a father to call their own in you. Your neighborhood blesses your name because you brought new values to their environment. You were the Postmaster of goodwill, the Bank Manager of the Bank of love and the Registrar of the Guild of encomiums that would put any census to shame. You rode high as the scion within the ancient city perched among seven hills. Indeed, he who knew you did not meet you, he who met you did not know you; you yourself never knew yourself, never met yourself and will never know or meet your kind anywhere except in eternity.

Adébáyo Adénẹyẹ – Adéjùwọn’s Facebook post many years ago shall forever impart in me to recognize my role as a human being who can only pray but will never be able to answer prayers. That anyone is alive today is partly a result of the efficacy of prayers but more importantly, we are all breathing because God is not done with us yet. When God is ready to take us home like He did to you, He will do so without consulting anyone. He never consulted you my big brother and will never consult whomever. Thus in one accord, we wish you well where you are my predecessor, big brother and senior at Christ’s School, Adό Èkìtì. Stay blessed Chief Oyèébọ̀dé Oyèéwọlé, Founder of Christ’s School Adό Èkìtì Old Students Facebook group. You are now an ‘Àǹjọ̀nú Ìberù’ that death can no longer harm; you burn red oil without turning red and can harbour death’s wanted child in your house and nothing will happen to you. You were a blessing to our platform, a mace of gold to our school and a Royal that shall continue to dance in our hearts in a musical of love. 

This platform remembers you today on the first year memorial anniversary of your departure to the world beyond, son of Oyèéwọlé. We say God be with you till we meet again to the man with the agenda for his alma mater to turn this world round for the better and we salute you on behalf of Christ’s School Ado Èkìtì, its alumni and extensions.

Rest in peace Chief(Elder) Oyèébọ̀dé Oyèéwọlé. Àkànjí-Ìdí-ọ̀mọ̀, Àyàkimogìrì, ọmọ ilé Ọdẹ́jọbí; Ọkọ-ọ̀wọ́-baálẹ̀, Ìtu Tábà

God bless

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